Theocracy vs Democracy

It is written: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” -Proverbs 29:2

“Only when the Cross stands alone, unencumbered with other religions, philosophies, or political ideologies, does it retain its power.” –Hitler’s Cross, Erwin W. Lutzer; page 196

Theocracy with eternal Jesus, Son of the Living God, is decentralized government allowing much diversity among the people; Zion (Heaven); it is loved based and all inhabitants live by God’s Holy Word.

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Democracy with carnal  men (as kings/presidents) is a centralized government; Politics are used with “Freedom” as the selling point; “Zionism” (derogatory) is used to thwart Theocracy. Democracy is built with bloodshed! Democracy was conceived in Greece, not Israel!

FREE INDEED, Living Life in Light of the Biblical View of Freedom, Art Lindsley (p. 31):

“Nothing seems beyond the grasp of the king, whether children, personal property, or one’s freedom. Kings take and take and when everything is gone they force you to serve. The final indignation: you yourselves will become slaves. [31]Bill Arnold, The NIV Application Commentary 1 and 2 Samuel; Grand Rapids, MI; Zondervan, 2003, 151

Scars That Heal– “As a preacher’s son who wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, the last thing on Dave Roever’s mind was going to war. … But at the height of the Vietnam conflict, Dave received his draft notice.” 

Conscript (Draft)- to enroll into service by compulsion (against one’s free will.)   Persecution

Excerpt from Christian History,  (Issue 84, Fall 2004, page 33)  an article entitled “Be Not Conformed”: Why have American Anabaptist lived in protest against the modern world?, by John D. Roth (professor of history at Goshen College, Indiana): “At times, hostility toward nonresistant Christians has spilled over into outright violence against them, especially during World Wars I and II.  In the summer of 1917, my grandfather was ordered to appear at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio, for basic training.  Like others from his Mennonite community, he reported to camp but refused to wear a uniform or participate in military training exercises.  One night, he and several other men were awakened, given shovels, and told to dig their own graves in preparation for their executions at sunrise.  Other friends told of being forced into cold showers and then surrounded by men who scrubbed their skin raw with heavy brooms.  Some 60 years later, he could vividly recall the scornful taunts directed at him: coward, slacker, traitor, yellow-bellied parasite.” … “Though nonconformity takes many different expressions among Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren today, all share a common conviction that Christian faith must find tangible expression in daily life.  Each regards the voluntary church as a counterculture alternative to modern secularism; and each testifies to the radical power of Christ’s love as an active, transformative reality in a broken and needy world.”       

“Western Democracy, as it functions today, is diluted Nazism or Fascism. At best it is merely a cloak to hide the Nazi and Fascist tendencies of imperialism.” -Mohandas K. Gandi, 1940